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Vertical Double Spindle Disc Grinders
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Products Name: Vertical Double Spindle Disc Grinders
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Feature: The m/c structure is designed of three boxes and those are machine base,column & grinding spindle etc.,otherly,the casting with a heavily ribbed box struction and treated by annealing to eliminate internal stress,rugged,stable,since,for which can be absobrbed the vibration during processings and also can resisted the strength torsion,not to deform.
The vertical slide-way be processed by precision ground which can be maintained the smooth sliding of grinding spindle and assured grinding accuracy.
During grinding,the processing workpiece is floated so that,free trouble of deformation by clamping,since,the workpiece be fed in horizontally and contiuously which can be advanced the effciency,Especially,this m/c is well suited for thin workpiece to make double side grinding use.
The double spindle disc grinders be provided versatile model available to select,ehich can be made correct select according to workpiece profile,size,cutting rate & precision etc other considers.
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